Managing an Anxiety Attack

Managimng A Panic Attack

What is a Panic Attack?

Most people will suffer from a panic attack sooner or later, so managing a panic attack is a critical lesson to learn before one occurs. If you understand what is happening and how to deal with it, you can get through the event with a minimum of fuss.

The name describes it exactly. You have an attack where you suddenly feel overwhelmed by something. Your anxiety level shoots through the roof. You panic. The heart will race and many people mistakenly think they are having a heart attack. For others, there is a sensation of restricted breathing, hot flashes and even feeling nauseous. The worst part isn’t so much that you experience these symptoms, but that they are so utterly intense. It is enough to bring you to your knees and extremely scary. Unfortunately, the random panic attack is also something that occurs naturally, so each of us could be hit with one at any time.

Managing Panic Attack Tips

You cannot stop an attack once it starts, but managing a panic attack is more than possible. The first thing to realize is the attack will soon be over. They usually only last for a minute or two, so realizing as much is one of the keys to riding them out. If you can keep a bit of perspective, it can make things more comfortable until the attack passes.

A second tip to managing a panic attack is to establish a few basic health facts before you have one. Although the body will have a radical reaction to the attack, it is important to realize that a panic attack cannot kill you. You might feel like your heart is going to explode, but it will not. You might feel like you are on fire, but you obviously are not. People tend to compound the impact of an attack by becoming fearful about what they feel. This just makes things worse. If you can keep as level a head as possible, you can keep your body from going completely haywire.

A third aspect of managing a panic attack is to distract yourself. When you feel one coming on, look for something in your immediate environment that you can concentrate on. This will take the edge off the attack. To this end, many people find focusing on one’s breathing can make a real difference. Force yourself to take slow, deep breaths and you can often neuter a panic attack before it gets into an aggressive phrase.

A fourth aspect of taming a panic attack is to force your mind to focus on the fact that much of what we fear never comes true. There is an old joke about “all my worrying must work because 95 percent of what I’ve worried about has never come true.” As difficult as it may be, it is vital you realize that whatever is at the core of your anxiety rush, there is a very good chance it isn’t going to happen. Focus on this and your body will start to calm down.

Summary of a Panic Attack

The random panic attack is no laughing matter. They can be scary. That being said, managing a panic attack is more than possible.

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