Panic Attack Natural Cures

Curing Panic Attacks Naturally

Panic attacks are a disturbing experience that leads many sufferers to seek out panic attack natural cures. The sufferer feels vulnerable and frightened wondering if they are having a heart attack or seizure. The attacks are disruptive and may occur at any time even during sleep, which leads to further anxiety, and dread in the sufferer.

Real physical symptoms make the sufferer feel very ill and disorientated. More common symptoms of the panic attack are rapid heartbeat, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, tingling, sweating, and shaking. Feeling unreal or trance like or detached from reality is quite common. These physical sensations are a response to the body’s normal mental and physical mechanisms that allow someone to respond to a threat. This process is triggered unnecessarily in a person with anxiety disorders when there is no danger and a panic attack ensues.

Dealing with the Symprtoms of a Panic Anxiety

Learning how to deal with panic attack symptoms begins with accepting the physical symptoms, thoughts and feelings are temporary and will do no harm. They are simply a response to feelings of anxiety and they can be diminished in many cases without medical intervention using panic attack natural cures. Unless treated properly this condition will lead to increased anxiety, may trigger phobias, and affect social interaction. Panic attack natural cures have proved extremely helpful in reducing attacks and preventing them.

Relaxation is a key element in any panic attack natural cures. Learning to relax and meditate is proven to have a positive effect. Proper breathing during attacks can lower the heart rate and distract the mind allowing control to be regained. Any type of meditation and breathing exercises will be beneficial.

Physical exercise has always been one of nature’s cures. Physical exercise keeps a body and mind in balance and enables the body to function properly. It lifts mood and anxiety by releasing endorphins (feel good hormones) thus reducing anxiety. Combined with a healthy diet of well-balanced food choices these panic attack natural cures are part of a holistic approach to controlling the panic attacks.

Home Remedies for a Panic Attack

Many herbal remedies provide panic attack natural cures. Supplements of Gingko Bilboa, St. John’s Wort, passionflower, poppy, hops, and lavender can be taken in teas, oils, powder, or tablets. Adding this type of botanic supplement to your diet or as a de-stressing bath soak (lavender and passion flower) supports the mind and body against panic attacks.

As part of the meditation process, if you believe in a higher power, praying and meditating can control anxiety symptoms and leave a feeling of well-being, which is reassuring for the mind and body and is a powerful tool to add to the list of panic attack natural cures.

When things seem desperate, be good to yourself, and take these steps to help support you during this stressful time. Understanding why the symptoms occur will help you to rationalize and diminish the condition. Laughter is another famous cure of nature so surround yourself with good friends hire in some comedy DVDs and laugh aloud. It will give a sense of well-being and small steps help in the longer journey of dealing with the condition.

Panic attack natural cures are the first line of defense in controlling this condition but do see your health care professional if symptoms are worsening or not improving.


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