Management of Panic Attacks

Panic Attack Mangement Strategy

A panic attack management strategy can be very beneficial especially to those who suffer from panic disorder. A Panic attack is the building up of anxiety in the body. It causes the body to trigger the fight-flight response defense mechanism. This mechanism allows you to be able to defend yourself in case there is imminent danger. The disorder comes in when the body triggers this mechanism but there is no immediate danger. The heart rate increases and you tend to feel very stressed and uneasy when a panic attack hits the body. There are ways to reduce the panic attack but it is important to note that the anxiety in the body will not harm it.

Anxiety in the body is in some cases a good thing. When faced with a dangerous situation the increased blood flow to the muscles allows for faster responses. You will be able to either run faster or fight off the imminent danger. Anxiety in itself poses no real danger to the body. The point of the panic attack management techniques is for you to be able to manage the anxiety and not to eliminate it from the body.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that panic attacks are usually very brief. The attacks rarely last more than a few minutes. This is due to the high level of energy that the attack consumes. They tend to burn off this energy quickly and might leave you feeling tired.

Awareness of  a Panic Attack

A good panic attack management system will help you to deal with the discomforting nature of the panic attack. The focus of the program is not to eliminate the anxiety that the body is feeling, but to help you have tools to manage the attack when it happens. Being aware of any situation that might lead to a anxiety increase may in fact cause more anxiety. Again, it is important to know that anxiety in the body will not kill you. At the moment of the attack, it might feel like you will die, but this not the case.

Panic Attack Management Techniques

One panic attack management technique that you can use is to learn how to relax the body. Relaxation of the body will lead to the dissipation of the attack. During the attack, you tend to breathe more quickly. This has the effect of making you feel dizzy which only fuels your anxiety. Slowly breathing in and out can reduce the effects that you feel while having the panic attack. Another method is to relax your muscles with muscle relaxation techniques. The overall tension in the body during the attack is high therefore; you need to siphon out this tension by doing some muscle relaxation. There are some mental exercises that you can employ to control the anxiety that you are feeling. Think realistic thoughts and try to remember that there is no imminent danger in your surrounding.

Remember with the right tools and techniques you can manage your anxiety attacks. Panic attack management exercises and techniques are made to reduce the effect you are feeling when the attack happens.

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