Panic Attack Nausea – Anxiety Disorder

A Panic Attack Nausea Stress Disorder

One of the most common symptoms of an anxiety attack is the so called panic attack nausea. This condition is normally felt by those people under a high level of stress or mental aggression. This particular symptom is characterized by utter loss of sensory focus and an overwhelmingly sudden light-headedness, which eventually causes the entire body to feel unstable and powerless. This symptom is typically coupled with other anxiety causes such as palpitation, chest pains, upset stomach, difficulty of breathing, numbness, chills, hot flashes, trembling or shaking, perceptual distortions, dreamlike trance, and intense terror among others. Once you start to experience these symptoms, it is important that you immediately consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Panic Attack Nausea – An Unresolved Disorder

The onset of panic attack nausea is still widely regarded as an unresolved physical anomaly even today. There is still no clear or unequivocal account that established what exactly causes this health disorder. Although there are the so called usual suspects and these include biological make-up, mental state, and social stresses. When we say biological make-up, this is greatly attributed to one’s inherited gene design which directly affects his or her physical processes. Mental state primarily defines a person’s way of perceiving the everyday occurrences that surround him or her on a daily basis. Social stresses refer to the negative personal effects which are triggered by external interaction such as those factors related to one’s career, education, religion, and personal politics. Typically, there is a relationship between the aforementioned panic attack nausea triggers and this condition cannot be solely attributed to just one possible cause.

In order to fight the onset or the possibility of panic attack nausea, there are ways one could apply or incorporate to his or her lifestyle. The first proven approach is through external methods such as any of the tried and tested exercises and treatments. One could adopt yoga as a means of calming down and achieving that inner Zen calmness. Another way is through acupuncture, which is an ancient means of ridding of the negative energies in the body through addressing the body’s pressure spots. And lastly, one could opt for the conventional exercise or work out. It is believed that physical health translates to mental health hence the importance of working out is something that people undergoing panic attacks should consider. As a supplement vitamin, individuals suffering from this condition can also use herbal medicines to alleviate these symptoms.

How to Approach Panic Attack Nausea

The internal approach in terms of addressing anxiety is mostly through behavioral and outlook alteration. This means that individuals who are susceptible to panic attacks should make a conscious effort and decision to maintain a positive perspective in life and everything in it. Through moving from pessimism to optimism, it is believed that the risk of future panic attacks could be considerably reduced.

It is important that one does not take anxiety lightly. For all you know it could be the onset of something even more serious and severe. That said, you should listen to what your mind and body is telling you especially if you experience panic attack nausea on a regular basis.

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